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Guidewire upgrades

Today’s technology driven world, keeping your Guidewire implementation current, through regular updates and point releases play an important role for carriers on the Guidewire Insurance Platform. Keeping your core systems updated is paramount to ongoing operational effectiveness, minimizing extended support contracts and maximizing the return on investment for the packaged system. Long term vision, planning, preparation and conformance are key to stay on top of both technical and functional changes.


Cynosure's upgrade strategy is two phased:


1. Technical: Ensure the core platform, applications and functionality is upgraded to the target version. The functionality/features re key where the conflicts are resolved to potentially OOTB ones, which could reduce future upgrade effort.


2. Functional: This is a latter release, usually a fast-follow one, where the business and/or IT has the ability to consider new features and functionality available in the target version.


We recommend a two phased approach to keep the timelines to the upgrade tight and predictable, where the carrier can assess the cost to upgrade, outside of functional changes.


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