Core Systems Transformation


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About Cynosure

Behind the Name


Cynosure originally denoted the constellation Ursa Minor, or the star Polaris (North Star) that it contains, which was long used as a guide by navigators. At Cynosure, we serve to guide you in your systems transformation.


who we are

Your success is our success – this is our mantra at Cynosure.  We are a team of Guidewire experts focused on simplifying core systems transformation.  Each systems transformation is approached with the primary focus of helping you lower your total cost of ownership while delivering the highest possible quality. Our consultants have delivered over 20 successful Guidewire projects, leveraging our deep understanding of Guidewire products to deliver innovative functionality and drive operational efficiency.

the team

  • Anand Upnal

    Anand Upnal is a Guidewire Certified professional with expert-level experience implementing Guidewire InsuranceSuite® products. Anand...

  • Sid Wadhwa

    Sid Wadhwa is a Guidewire Certified® visionary leader with over 20 years of Industry experience....

  • Blair Harris

    Blair Harris serves as an Advisory Board Member with 19 years of Property & Casualty...